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Lil Wayne Owes the IRS More Money Than You’ll Ever Have


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Lil Wayne is going to need to sell a lot of copies of Tha Carter IV to get himself out of his latest mess: According to the Detroit News, the IRS filed a $5.6 million tax lien against the rapper, claiming Weezy owes all that cash in unpaid income taxes from 2008 and 2009. Of course, Lil Wayne was in prison for the majority of last year, so it was probably hard for him to properly file his taxes, but Young Money Entertainment should have an accountant that's on payroll to take care of these things.

The $5.6 million lien comes after Wayne paid off another $1.3 million to settle his giant tab back in December 2010, but the debt has only grown since then. (Unless Wayne had a multimillion dollar commissary while in prison, we have no idea how he burned that much money so quickly.) The lien itself was sent to Wayne's nine-bedroom mansion on a private island off Miami Beach. That mansion is currently up for sale at the recession-friendly price of $12.9 million. If Wayne can sell his house, he's in the clear. Otherwise, he either better pray for renewed interest in Rebirth or plot a long, long tour.

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