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Lil Wayne’s New Single Was the Fifth Best Song on Rick Ross’ Last Album


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Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV was recently given a release date (May 16th), and now it has a second single: "If I Die Today," guest-starring Rick Ross, was unveiled yesterday, and we're experiencing some major déjà vu. "If I Die Today" is basically a carbon copy of Rick Ross' "I'm Not a Star" from last year's Teflon Don, with some '50s sci-fi samples and spooky Theremin thrown in. Even the opening lines of Ross' original, "If I'd die today, remember me like John Lennon, bury the Louis, I'm talkin' all brown linen," serves as the chorus and inspired the title of Wayne's track. Weezy's in prime form, Ross' contribution is stellar as always, and the song itself is great, but ultimately it's underwhelming.

According to MTV, Lil Wayne liked Ross' "I'm Not a Star" so much that he wanted to record his own version. That's cool, but that's also what mixtapes are for: putting your own verses on reused beat. (Personally, we would've loved to hear Wayne take on Ross' "B.M.F.") For the second single off the most anticipated hip-hop album of 2011 to essentially be a cover of a year-old Rick Ross song is a major letdown. We expect Weezy to innovate, not recycle. "If I Die Today" makes us want to re-listen to Teflon Don more than it excites us for the arrival of Tha Carter IV.

Check out "If I Die Today" over at Nah Right. So, when's Single Number Three out?

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