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Lil Wayne’s New Smooth Jam Is Awful


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There's the adage "Prison changes a man," and apparently that quote applies to Lil Wayne. Weezy went behind bars as the biggest rapper on the planet and came out as John Mayer. The rapper, whose first post-Rikers Island album Tha Carter IV is due out June 21st, released the latest single off TC4 today, and it is horrible. We try to be somewhat objective when listening to music, but we could barely make it through one sitting of "How to Love." Picture Weezy pretending to be Drake while singing a Jack Johnson song. That sums it up:


Wayne's last single, the Rick Ross rip-off "If I Die Today," was disappointing, but that track is "Gin & Juice" compared to "How to Love." If this is Lil Wayne's attempt to intentionally submarine a prestigious hip-hop career, then well done. This actually makes us pine for the days of his nu-metal Rebirth, and that album bordered on terrible. Maybe Wayne has been hanging out with U2 too much.

Wayne's Young Money crew has done well with this type of smooth jam -- Nicki Minaj's "Your Love" for example -- but this style does not suit Weezy at all. It bears mentioning that "How to Love" wasn't on that (probably fake) Tha Carter IV track list that leaked last month, so there is hope yet for the collective ears of hip-hop fans. At least the TC4 cover is awesome.

[Photo of Lil Wayne and his future bandmates: Kevin Mazur/]

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