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Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter IV’ Gets Delayed Again, Right on Schedule


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Here's something that should surprise no one: Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV and its awesome album cover have been postponed yet again, from June 21st to the end of the summer, August 29th. No word yet why the album was pushed back this time, but we can assume it's because 1) hip-hop albums never come out when advertised and 2) the rapper received less-than-favorable feedback from TC4's latest single "How to Love," which is an awful song. According to XXL, another new single, one that will attempt to scrub "How to Love" from our memory, is due out July 4th.

Tha Carter IV was initially supposed to arrive on May 16th, but by now we've been trained to expect news about delays every month like clockwork. At one point, the album even had a (probably fake) track list. Three supposed singles have already been released -- "6 Foot Seven Foot," the Rick Ross rip-off "If I Die Today," and that terrible smooth jam -- but none of the tracks have lived up to the singles Tha Carter III produced. This album appears to be Tha Carter in name only. We've already seen our share of unfulfilling sequels this summer, at least now we've been spared from another. Truthfully, we'd be shocked if this album is in our hands by Labor Day.

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