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Listen to Curren$y’s ‘Weekend at Burnie’s’ While Watching ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’


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New Orleans rapper Curren$y has already won critics' hearts with his Pilot Talk series and his recent Covert Coup EP, but now he's going for the stoners' love with his next album Weekend at Burnie's, a play on the corpse comedy Weekend of Bernie's that everyone has seen a million times. When Curren$y announced the album, he also mentioned that the album will sync up with the film. We thought that was a joke, but it turns out he wasn't playing: Over on Ustream, Curren$y is streaming Weekend at Burnie's, out June 28th, as a soundtrack to Weekend of Bernie's.

It doesn't sync up as well as Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon matches up with The Wizard of Oz (and by all accounts, that synchronization is a complete coincidence), and one could venture to say that at no point does Curren$y's lyrics line up with what Jonathan Silverman or Andrew McCarthy are doing with their boss's corpse. However, the Ustream does provide us with an opportunity to hear the new album by Curren$y, one of our favorite rappers in the game, while watching one of our favorites '80s comedies. This is even better than that time we listened to Freddie Gibbs' Str8 Killa No Filla while watching Better Off Dead on mute on TV.

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