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Live Blogging Justin Bieber’s Seven-Minute African Cowbell Jam


During a recent trip to Cape Town, South Africa, Justin Bieber was dining at a restaurant that featured a spirited local band. As Billboard reports, the teen superstar simply could not resist the urge to join the jam (he plays drums, you know). "Everyone was staring at me at dinner so I just figured what the heck let's party!!" How exciting is seven minutes and 11 seconds of Justin Bieber playing cowbell? You're about to find out:

0:00: Bieber is feeling the rhythm of the night, banging the cowbell on every downbeat with gusto.

0:32: What's this? Justin is throwing in the kind of hip thrusts that make tweens scream. There are no tweens in this restaurant. Hip thrusting ends.

1:04: Bieber abandons the cowbell and hops on the congas (while the conga player is still playing them). Conga player handles it well.

1:35: Justin makes an even bolder move, picking up a triangle.

2:00: The triangle is clearly not a "jam" instrument. Back to cowbell. But wait, he's not playing it, he's vigorously shaking it.

3:30: Oh no! Bieber's skinny little arms are looking tired, but he keeps at it. Someone even offers him a chair, but he keeps on standing!

3:57: Bieber breaks into an actual rhythmic pattern and raises the cowbell up and down in time with his banging.

4:43: Back to slapping the cowbell on the downbeats.

4:52: Wait, wait... another rhythmic pattern has emerged.

5:30: Bieber turns to the other bandmembers and tries to give them an unspoken signal. "Help"? "End this never-ending cowbell jam"? "I'm thirsty"?

5:45: Cowbell in the air, Bieber hitting it like he just don't care.

6:18: Hip shaking.

6:32: Oh my God, this is still going on.

6:55: Bieber turns his back to the audience and looks to the band for an exit.

7:11: The band finally obliges, and Bieber throws his hands up with relief.

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