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It’s Been a Long Time Since ‘Led Zeppelin IV’ Was on the Charts


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Somehow, a rapper on an independent label topping the Billboard 200 wasn't even the most surprising charts story this week. That's because 'Led Zeppelin IV' -- the album with "Stairway to Heaven" on it, among other classic rock radio mainstays -- was back on the Billboard 200 for the first time since 1987. According to, the LP sometimes called 'ZoSo' reentered the charts at Number 166 after selling 3,600 copies last week, a 273% sales bump compared to the previous week. It helps that both iTunes and Amazon MP3 Store were offering 'IV' at a discount rate -- $6.99 and $5.99, respectively -- but why the sudden Zep fever?

Did "Rock and Roll" show up in another commercial? Did everyone just realize "Going to California" was the closing song on 'Entourage'? In fact, November 8th marked the 40th anniversary of 'IV', and Zeppelin fans celebrated by digitally re-purchasing an album they've already owned for four decades. Or maybe junior high school students decided to buy the album after the classic rock radio stations no doubt spent hours playing and replaying "Misty Mountain Hop."

'IV' wasn't the only album from our dad's record collection to reappear on the charts this week: Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' reissue also popped up at Number 33. 'The Wall' reissue also settled in at Number 164, two spots ahead of 'IV'.

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