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Madonna’s 6 Most Amazingly Obnoxious On-Camera Moments


The Internet is aflutter today with news that Madonna does not care for hydrangeas. In fact, she "absolutely loathe[s] hydrangeas." Even the hydrangeas a fan gives her just before a press conference for her new, critically meh-ligned film W.E. If you think this is Madonna at her most fantastically obnoxious on camera, however, you are as stupid as those ugly hydrangeas. Here's a rundown of the Queen of Pop's most searing moments captured on film:

Madonna Vs. Courtney
Kurt Loder asks Madonna what she'll do with her VMA on the red carpet of the 1995 ceremony. She replies, "I'll probably put it in a closet somewhere." Awkward? Oh, not yet. Courtney Love arrives and Madonna says, "Should we let her come up? No, don't, please. Courtney Love is in dire need of attention right now, she's throwing her compact at me." Then the two make uncomfortable chit-chat for an additional three excruciating minutes.

The Fan
"I have a problem with the fact that there is no air in here and I'm gonna die. Open the door. Now. I'm suffocating. ... Just give me a fan."

Truth or Dare. All of It.
Madonna disses Oprah (OPRAH!), saying of the Windy City, "It's a conservative town and that's another reason not to live in Chicago. That and Oprah Winfrey lives there." She slams "the fascist state of Toronto," and most famously mocks Kevin Costner. "Neat? Anybody who says my show is neat has to go."

"Um, Excuse Me?"
There's an obvious language barrier here, but Madonna is extra unforgiving during this Top of the Pops interview with an Italian journalist: "And, so what's your question?" Just wait until someone dares to give her a ball-point pen.

"What Is This Janet Jackson Thing?"
"I've never met the woman, I don't know anyone she knows. I'm mystified. Maybe she'll tell me one day."

Madonna Vs. David Letterman
Nearly 22 minutes of insane, profane genius from 1994. Maybe Madonna would have gone easier on Dave if he hadn't introduced her with, "In the past 10 years she has ... slept with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry."

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