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Man Catches Fire During Rammstein’s ‘Kimmel’ Set, NBD


Rammstein are not the most subtle German industrial-metal band*. They perform in bondage gear. They perform in diapers. But mostly, they perform with pyro. Frontman Till Lindemann regularly sings while aflame, and concert-goers have allegedly sued the band after developing breathing difficulties from inhaling fire. At Madison Square Garden last December, when Rammstein played their first U.S. show in a decade (they're hard to book -- go figure!), bandmembers attached flame throwers to their faces and Lindermann donned 20-foot metal angel wings that -- yes, you guessed it -- shot fire.

So of course there was lots of pyro when the band played two songs on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, including their U.S. "hit," 1997's "Du Hast" (remember it from The Matrix?). Lindermann swung a sparking crossbow and wielded a flaming mace; fireworks shot out across the audience; and at the 3:40 mark a member of the band's entourage danced out onstage, where Lindermann zapped him with his handheld fire cannon (intentionally) setting him ablaze. The guy ran around acting slightly alarmed before he dropped to the ground and was extinguished by a roadie. You know, just another day in the office!

*There are no subtle German industrial-metal bands

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