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Mark Lanegan Probably the Only Good Thing About ‘The Hangover Part II’


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Judging by the majority of the early reviews, The Hangover: Part II isn't a very good movie. The original wasn't a very good movie either, but at least it was a funny movie, and apparently the biggest problem facing the sequel is that it isn't funny. (Check out The Projector's absolute takedown of The Hangover: Part II for more.) So what we're left with is a bad, unfunny, unoriginal movie, but a bad, unfunny, unoriginal movie that has a pretty kick-ass soundtrack: Mark Lanegan, one of The Amp's favorites, has put his whiskey-soaked vocals on a somber cover of "The Beast in Me," a song previously recorded by Nick Lowe and Johnny Cash. Check out the song over at Some Kind of Awesome.

Here's an interesting fact we learned today: Lowe was once married to Johnny Cash's step-daughter, and now Lanegan is covering the Lowe song that Cash himself covered. If the song sounds familiar, it's probably because you remember it from the closing credits of the first episode of The Sopranos.

"The Beast in Me" isn't the only gem on the Hangover 2 soundtrack though: There's a pair of Billy Joel tracks ("The Downeaster 'Alexa' " and Ed Helms' "Allentown" parody), Jenny Lewis' Acid Tongue track "Bad Man's World," Kanye West, Wolfmother, and... Mike Tyson covering Murray Head's "One Night In Bangkok." Maybe take that $12 you were going to spend on a ticket to see this movie Memorial Day weekend and re-invest it in the soundtrack.

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