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Meat Loaf Faints During Concert, Finishes Show Anyway


Last night's Meat Loaf concert in Pittsburgh featured a moment even scarier than the singer's epic Gary Busey meltdown on Celebrity Apprentice: The Bat Out of Hell singer passed out onstage mid-performance. As evidenced by the video above, medics rushed to Loaf's aid as his backing band slowly came to the realization that their frontman was down. However, the fainting spell was only temporary, and after regaining his composure, Meat Loaf got back up and amazingly finished the concert.

According to TMZ, before launching into "Paradise By the Dashboard Light," Meat Loaf explained what happened to the audience: "I f---ing fainted. I have asthma... I can't breathe... and then... oh wait, I forgot... I got poked by a pin and bled half to death... and then I got slapped in the face and my tooth is loose." Sure, that explains it!

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