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Meet the 12 People Who Will (Probably) Convict Michael Jackson’s Doctor


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Twenty-seven months after Michael Jackson died, the trial of Conrad Murray -- the doctor charged with manslaughter for his role in the superstar's death -- is finally underway. On Friday, a pool of prospective jurors were asked to fill out a 30-page questionnaire, and only six hours later, the 12 finalists were secured. Apparently, finding a dozen English-speaking people living in the Los Angeles area who don't care about Jackson wasn't as hard as it would seem. With the jury in place, the Murray trial will begin tomorrow.

So who are these Jackson neophytes? According to the AP, the jury is comprised of seven men and five women. Only two of the jurors consider themselves to be Jackson fans, but pretty much everyone on the jury is aware of the King of Pop in some way or another. One juror admitted that he didn't own any Jackson albums but saw This Is It out of curiosity, while others revealed they enjoyed his music when they were kids. There's also a Law & Order fan in the booth; they should probably make him the foreman.

The youngest juror is a 32-year-old white male, the oldest a 57-year-old Latina woman. Only one of the jurors, a technical director in the entertainment industry, is an African-American, the rest are either white or Latino. As for the impending media circus that will circle the trial, a handful of the jurors owned up to watching the Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson trials, so they know what they're getting into.

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