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Mess With the Edge, You Get the Horns


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Bono writes an op-ed column for the New York Times, but don't think that precludes the members of U2 from perusing some of America's smaller newspapers... like the Baltimore Sun, where a letter to the editor lambasted the band's frontman for his so-called "excess and tax evasion" last week. Its author, Simon Moroney, a "federal worker" from Baltimore, was responding to a previous letter from Maryland's junior senator Ben Cardin in which the politician defended Bono's ONE charity, which battles poverty in Africa. Moroney has some opinions about Bono's personal finances, like the rocker's expensive Spider-Man show on Broadway, his private yacht, and his fancy Dublin hotel -- this "federal worker" is not a fan, and he accuses Bono of abusing Ireland's tax laws for his greedy benefit.

But like a Spider-Man body double swinging in on a very precarious cable, Edge has come to his bandmate's defense. U2's guitarist has never been as chatty as Bono (who is?), but in recent weeks he's been making headlines on his own and cracking jokes with the press. Unable to stand idly by while a total no-name American with zero power jabs at his band in a smallish newspaper, the Edge wrote his own letter to the editor (via the Daily Swarm).

The guitarist complains that Moroney's claims contain "so many inaccuracies that it is pointless to attempt to correct them all," but sets the record straight on U2's alleged tax evasion and even praises Spin editor Steve Kandell for his own reporting on the band's finances (he called him Steve Kandrell, but it's the thought that counts). The moral of the story: The Edge is watching, so beware authors of the U2 Sucks Facebook page!

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