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Michael Jackson’s Deathbed No Longer for Sale


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Live in Bucharest

Strike one item off The Amp's Christmas list: The headboard from Michael Jackson's deathbed has been taken off the block after the Jackson family protested its inclusion in an auction of all the artwork and antiques in Michael's 100 Carolwood Drive mansion. "We want to maintain a good relationship with the family and we don't want to do anything upsetting for them," Darren Julien of Julien's Auctions told Reuters of the decision to withdraw the headboard, which was estimated to draw bids in the $5,000 range.

Contrary to previous reports, it turns out that only the Louis XV-style headboard from Jackson's deathbed was to be auctioned, since the mattress itself is currently residing in the evidence room of the Los Angeles Police Department. However, there still would be a massive interest to sleep in the same stately manner as the King of Pop, minus the Propofol-induced slumbers. To fill the void, another Jackson-related item has appeared on the auction front, and this one is expected to score around $6 million on the block.

According to Reuters, London's Fame Bureau will auction previously unseen concert footage from Jackson's 1993 Dangerous tour on November 26th. The film is a behind-the-scenes "intimate portrait" of the King of Pop, but Jackson was reportedly disappointed with the quality of the flick, so he gave the one copy that existed to his driver, who is now selling the item to the highest bidder. Here's a trailer for the professionally filmed footage:

"It's a film that's frighteningly personal and up-close. It's like you're on stage with Michael Jackson," Fame Bureau Ted Owen said. The tour finds Jackson in his near-prime and in better condition than This Is It, but it's unlikely anyone would ever bid $6 million for the footage. The Jackson estate notoriously runs their superstar's trademark with an iron fist, and they'd never allow anyone to profit off the footage by commercially releasing it. Plus, the DVD Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour was released in 2005, so it's not like fans are clamoring for more video from that trek. For $12, or $5,999,988 less than what the driver's lost film is going for, you can purchase the Bucharest DVD on Amazon.

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