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Michael Stipe and Kermit the Frog Make a Terrible ‘Password’ Team


Michael Stipe has plenty of time to hang out on late night shows now that he's not in a band anymore. The former R.E.M. singer stopped by 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' yesterday to play a quick game of 'Password' with Martin Short, Kermit the Frog, and Miss Piggy. Short and Piggy made a formidable team, but the cerebral Stipe and the nervous frog were a mismatch. For instance, Stipe's clue for "bacon" is "rasher," which refers to a slice of bacon. It's also a word that no one ever uses because it doesn't show up on IHOP menus. "I think I need a dumber partner," Kermit remarked. This is easily the strangest pairing since Stipe sang a cappella with Stephen Colbert and Brian Eno.

Stipe also sat down with Fallon, Short, and the Muppets to talk about how he knew 'Collapse Into Now' was R.E.M.'s final album (hint: Stipe is waving goodbye on the cover), his favorite song to not make the band's greatest hits collection, and some banter between the singer and the frog about yellow corduroy pants:

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