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Here’s Mick Jagger Singing on the New Single


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Diehard Rolling Stones fans might prefer to pretend that 2011 never happened. Sure, the 'Some Girls' reissue is coming out, but that doesn't cancel out the serious missteps Mick Jagger has taken this past year. First, there was his not-quite-Lulu-but-still-bad side project SuperHeavy, then his name was used for the chorus of 2011's most bothersome hit, "Moves Like Jagger." Now, Mick is a guest, along with Jennifer Lopez, and's new solo single "T.H.E.," or "The Hardest Ever." If you love 'Sticky Fingers' as much as The Amp does, we seriously recommend you don't click "play" below, because there's no going back after hearing this:

The trio sang the track last night at the American Music Awards amid technical problems that made the performance slightly more bearable. (Jagger's video feed was out of sync.) This is the single version of "T.H.E." from Will's upcoming hashtag-titled album '#willpower,' and it confirms what we feared: Jagger appears on a LMFAO knock-off. It's like a second-rate BEP song with J.Lo as Fergie and the Stones singer in the role of Mick's voice sounds great on the track, but that will probably just further infuriate the fans who want Jagger to use his cords on a new Stones album or a 50th anniversary tour, not a Black Eyed Peas solo project. Also maddening: raps the line, "Hard like m-----f------ Liquid Swords," which is something someone must ask GZA about at his Harvard lecture.

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