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Miley Cyrus Proves the Rule: Nobody Under 21 Should Impersonate Stevie Nicks


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Stevie Nicks' voice is an instrument of enchantment -- haunting, edgy, blessed with an effortless warble. Even when she was still in her twenties, the Fleetwood Mac singer's vocals exuded a weathered knowledge of the mysteries of the world, a simmering maturity. Perhaps that's why when artists under age 21 try to cover her songs or even channel her bewitching ways into their own performances, they fail so miserably. Last night, Miley Cyrus proved the rule at the American Music Awards. Here's how she and two other underage starlets demonstrated they're not quite seasoned enough to be Stevie:

Miley Cyrus
Age at Time of Impersonation: 17
Cyrus did her best (and yet simultaneously worst) Nicks impression while singing "Forgiveness and Love" at the AMAs last night, decking herself out in a long, flowing dress and decorating her stage in moody candles. Vocally, Cyrus came the closest of our three young stars to approximating Nicks' sharp croon, but ultimately her singing was dramatically overwrought rather than feather-light. We know she's going through a tough time, but we prefer our Miley a bit more fun-loving -- say, partying in the U.S.A., pogo-ing to "See You Again" or ticking off the Parents Television Council.

Taylor Swift
Age at Time of Cover: 20
Swift kicked off 2010 with a Grammys performance of her own "Today Was a Fairytale" that transitioned into a duet on Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon" with Nicks herself. Taylor nailed the look (a breezy peasant shirt) but not the notes -- Nicks deserves a medal for her desperate attempts to keep the song on track during a harmonic disaster (notice how the older pro held her final note a few extra seconds to prove the point).

Lindsay Lohan
Age at Time of Cover: 19
Lohan recorded a studio version of Nicks' solo track "Edge of Seventeen (Just Like the White Winged Dove)" for her 2005 album "A Little More Personal (Raw)" that added a few too many "ooh, baby"s. Though she sounded a bit above 21 (heck, above 31) and also managed to crack the Nicks dress code (loose sleeves!), Nicks wasn't impressed: When informed Lohan was interested in portraying her in a biopic, she told the New York Times, "Over my dead body."

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