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More English-Speaking People Who Don’t Care About Michael Jackson Needed for Jury


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The Michael Jackson manslaughter trial is once again looking to fill out a jury with individuals who have never heard of, or don't care about, the King of Pop, who was arguably the single most famous and controversial person of the last three decades. In May, the judge overseeing Dr. Conrad Murray's trial somehow secured a prospective juror pool of 160 people, but when proceedings were postponed from May to September, those potential jurors were dismissed. So the painstaking process is starting again now, the AP writes. By September 23rd, Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor is hoping to have 100 people complete a 30-page questionnaire that uncovers how much knowledge potential jurors have about the case, which could be tough since Jackson's death over two years ago has been endlessly covered in the media. Murray is accused of administering a fatal dose of the sedative Propofol to Jackson in June 2009.

According to the AP, in the last pool of 160 people, only one person had absolutely zero knowledge of Jackson's death and the circumstances surrounding it, including Murray's alleged role in administering sedatives. The reason why that person was so out of the loop: He didn't speak English. This time around, the prosecutors and defense will focus on finding jurors that simply have no opinion on Jackson. That's also difficult because Jackson was such a polarizing figure: People either loved his music, or loathed him because of his molestation trial.

If all goes well, the trial is expected to start toward the end of this month and last between four to six weeks. Murray's team recently lobbied the judge to sequester the jury due to the media circus that will certainly surround the trial, but TMZ says that Cantor denied that request. Team Murray brought the issue to a California appeals court, and they agreed with Cantor's ruling.

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