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More Posthumous Michael Jackson Albums on the Way


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By most accounts, Michael Jackson's first posthumous release of unheard music, "Michael," isn't the epic fail many (including The Amp) expected when the first single "Breaking News," a song that maybe didn't feature MJ's vocals, debuted. No one, not even the most feverish Jackolytes, is going to put "Michael" in the same category as "Thriller" or "Bad," but at least it was a serviceable tribute to the King of Pop. Which is good news, because according to producer Teddy Riley, there are more posthumous Jackson collections on the way.

Riley, the former Blackstreet singer-turned-producer who worked on three "Michael" songs, told the BBC, "I look forward to doing the next [Jackson album], and I'm glad I'm on board." Not that multiple "Michael" sequels is big news: Jackson was known to record upward of 50 tracks for every album he made, and his personal vaults of music are rumored to house hundreds of unheard songs. In fact, a new Jackson song not on "Michael" called "Blue Gangsta" leaked before "Michael" and its December 14th release date -- Sony has since made it vanish from the Internet, for the most part -- which leads us to believe the Jackson hard drives are so overflowing with material, they can't be contained.

Whereas most sequels suck, the next Jackson album has potential to overshadow its predecessor: With the exception of "Behind the Mask" and the actually good "Much Too Soon," two tracks left over from the "Thriller" sessions, eight of the 10 "Michael" songs are from the post-"Invincible" era, so hopefully digging further into Jackson's vaults will find old tracks are will be universally applauded as opposed to merely universally accepted.

The BBC also confirms a rumor that's been circulating the past few days: Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl shockingly does in fact appear on "Michael," providing drums for the Lenny Kravitz-penned track "(I Can't Make It) Another World." Will Grohl appear on future Jackson posthumous albums? If it means revisiting the post-"Invincible" demos again, hopefully not.

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