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Nas and Rick Ross’ ‘Tower Heist’ Track Is Probably the Only Good Thing About the Movie


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While cinemaniacs might loathe director Brett Ratner's extravagant, stereotype-driven, and soulless films, there's no denying that he's excellent at putting together a soundtrack. He's not quite on the level of Cameron Crowe or Nicolas Refn Winding when it comes to music in movies, but Ratner's soundtracks for Money Talks and the Rush Hour trilogy each have their share of great hip-hop cuts. It was the original Rush Hour that first gave us Jay-Z's "Can I Get A...," one of Jigga's greatest hits. That tradition continues with Nas and Rick Ross' "It's a Tower Heist," the first single from the Tower Heist soundtrack:

Tower Heist itself looks like Ocean's 11 minus the cool, the cast, the casinos, and the comedy, but "It's a Tower Heist" is a four-star track. Nas' longtime producer Salaam Remi concocted the beat, which moves like a harder "Big Pimpin'." Nasty Nas and Miami's Teflon Don haven't shared a song since Deeper Than Rap's great "Usual Suspects" in 2009, so if it takes another overblown Ratner film to make it happen again, so be it. Another Nas/Ross collaboration alone is almost worth Tower Heist's reported $150 million budget (or the $60 you'd have to spend to watch the flick on VOD). There's a strong chance that "It's A Tower Heist" will be the best thing about this movie.

It's probably not a good sign for a filmmaker when we'd rather hear a Ratner soundtrack 100 times than see a Ratner movie once, but here are some the gems the director has given the hip-hop world:

Jay-Z feat. Ja Rule and Ami - "Can I Get A..." from Rush Hour

Dru Hill feat. Redman - "How Deep Is Your Love" from Rush Hour

Brand Nubian - "Keep it Bubblin'" from Money Talks

Too $hort - "Tell the Feds" from Rush Hour

Keith Murray - "He's Back" from Rush Hour 2

Lovher - "How's It Gonna Be" from Rush Hour 2

Nas feat. Cee Lo Green - "Less Than an Hour" from Rush Hour 3

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