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Neil Young Makes Father’s Day Shopping Fun


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Everyone's dad loves Neil Young, right? Perfectly timed for the arrival of Father's Day in two weeks -- as well as the upcoming A Treasure live album -- Neil Young decided to revamp his official store, and we must admit, it's pretty fun. This is no dull experience. Keeping with Young's love of cutting edge technology -- he practically jumped onboard the Blu-ray train when you were still rewinding those VHS tapes -- the new online store is a virtual marketplace similar to a five-and-dime you'd see in old Westerns. (It's so Flash-driven that most parents probably don't sport sufficient computer hardware to handle the site, but there's an HTML version too.)

There's a tour of the grounds where Young has hidden allusions to his career, so that's like Where's Waldo in After the Gold Rush, but the highlight is what's actually inside the rockin' bodega. There's a bunch of albums including his massive Archives, a dozen shirts (the red The Hitchhiker tour shirt is especially nice), documentaries, and everything else a Neil Young-loving parent might need. Those aren't the only wares Young is offering: There are coffee mugs, keychains, Greendale graphic novels, baseball caps, vintage posters, and much more. So stop by the Neil Young store, because Father's Day is soon. (We think. We should probably get a card.)

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