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Neil Young’s New Live Album Revisits His Underrated ’80s Tracks


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Hot on the heels of Neil Young's triumphant Le Noise, the rock legend will release a live album starting May 24th that revisits an underrated and often-ignored decade in Young's stellar catalog: the 1980s. The collection is appropriately titled A Treasure, and it gathers up a dozen tracks Young performed with his backup band the International Harvesters during a 1984/'85 U.S. tour. Five of the dozen songs are unreleased -- including the coming-to-radio single "Grey Riders" -- and the rest of the tracks are culled from Young's best work from the first half of the Reagan era, including Old Ways' "Get Back to the Country" and "Bound for Glory," Re-ac-tor's "Motor City" and "Southern Pacific," and more.

Unlike every other 65-year-old on the planet, Young is really embracing this Blu-ray technology, even explaining in a 14-minute video why those better-looking DVDs in the smaller cases are his format of choice. (Young first employed Blu-ray for his massive The Archives Vol. 1 boxed set.) A Treasure will also be available on old-timer options like CD, vinyl, and MP3, but Blu-ray or DVD are the way to go here since video from the performances will accompany every song on the album. Check out Thrasher's Wheat for Young's A Treasure introduction video and more info. No word yet though whether, like other Young live albums, A Treasure is destined for The Archives, Vol. 2.

A Treasure:

1. "Amber Jean" (9/20/84) Nashville Now TV Nashville, TN*
2. "Are You Ready For The Country?" (9/21/84) Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati, OH
3. "It Might Have Been" 9/25/84 Austin City Limits TV Austin, Texas
4. "Bound For Glory" 9/29/84 Gilleys' Rodeo Arena Pasadena, TX
5. "Let Your Fingers Do The Walking" (10/22/84) Universal City, CA*
6. "Flying On The Ground Is Wrong" (10/26/84) Greek Theater Berkeley, CA
7. "Motor City" (10/26/84) Greek Theater Berkeley, CA
8. "Soul Of A Woman" (10/26/84) Greek Theater Berkeley, CA*
9. "Get Back To The Country" (10/26/84) Greek Theater Berkeley, CA
10. "Southern Pacific" (9/1/85) Minnesota State Fair St. Paul, MN
11. "Nothing Is Perfect" (9/1/85) Minnesota State Fair St. Paul, MN*
12. "Grey Riders" (9/10/85) Pier 84 New York City, NY*

*previously unreleased

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