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New Michael Jackson Video Does Not Star Michael Jackson


Here's a little plea from The Amp: Stop making music videos for dead singers. Especially dead singers who pioneered the art of the music video. Vibe has alerted us to the premiere of "Hollywood Tonight," a new video for a song off the maligned posthumous Michael Jackson album Michael. The clip follows a waitress with dancing dreams who moonwalks through an intersection and winds up wearing a sequined jacket and leading a flash mob outside the Pantages Theatre, where Michael filmed his "You Are Not Alone" video in 1995, which was likewise directed by Wayne Isham. You know what's better than a new video for a Michael Jackson song that doesn't actually star Michael Jackson? Any of his old videos. Or footage from This Is It.

The upside: This is the best group choreography we've seen in a video so far this year -- no offense to Lady Gaga (who tried), Britney Spears (who didn't try), and Jennifer Lopez (who didn't bother) -- and serves as a nice reminder of how much MJ prized and influenced the world of dance. Also, the opening shot of the wide-eyed protagonist hitting L.A. with her suitcase hearkens back to Showgirls, which is always a sure-fire way to get our attention. But nothing will ever measure up to Michael's greatest video moments, so why even try?


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