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Obsessed Katy Perry Fan Says Creepy Things in Adorable Accent


Jack Moore is a massive Katy Perry fan. People who read the 16-year-old U.K. resident's Tumblr or follow his Twitter already knew that, but now the rest of the world is familiar with his fandom in a big way because Katy & I, a four-minute documentary about his obsession by Olly Newport, has reached the Daily What.

As the camera pans the walls of an curiously neat bedroom plastered with images of the "California Gurls" singer, Moore explains, "My friends call it the 'Serial Killer Room,' 'cause like in movies when serial killers have loads of pictures of their victims, that's kind of what my room is like."

Ha ha, we say, while smiling and nodding and pushing the emergency button under our desk. Moore is lucky he has such an adorable British accent and diminutive demeanor, or we'd be upgrading Perry's threat level from "Teenage Dream" to "Who Am I Living For?" right now. Somehow the statement, "I like Katy Perry more than my family" seems sort of adorable coming from Moore rather than, say, Mel Gibson. He even says his Katy mugs make "everything taste nicer!" which rides the thin line between scary and sweet. 

Moore seems pretty committed (ahem) to this course of fascination, but should the Katy Perry thing not work out, we hear there's an opening for Britney Spears' Number One Fan.

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