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Our Most Anticipated Tracks From Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ Reissue


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Yesterday brought more details about Nirvana's mammoth 20th anniversary reissue for Nevermind, and now the final piece of the puzzle -- the full track listing for the 4-CD collection -- has been revealed. As we assumed, there are no songs on here that haven't been released in some form or another on posthumous Nirvana compilations or hundreds of unauthorized bootlegs, but there are a handful of intriguing tracks that still make this the Holy Grail for worshippers of Nevermind:

The Boombox Rehearsals' "Lounge Act": Unlike the other songs on Nevermind, embryonic versions of "Lounge Act," the album's most underrated song, have been pretty much unavailable, even on bootlegs. The audio quality of the Boombox Rehearsals are what you'd expect from songs recorded on said boombox -- even the best remastering technology won't erase the heaps of static and tape hiss -- but hearing "Lounge Act" in its demo state should make for an interesting listen.

Live at the Paramount Theatre DVD: Though the band's Halloween 1991 performance isn't a legendary Nirvana show by any stretch -- the October 29th and 30th shows had the exact same set list -- this is supposedly the only time ever a Nirvana concert was captured on film and not just video. The Nirvana videography is painfully short on full concerts (up until Live at Reading, there was only the MTV Unplugged performance), so this will be a welcome addition to the collection.

The B-Sides' "Polly" (live): A rare electric version of the song that combines the slow, acoustic "Polly" found on Nevermind with the upbeat, punkish "(New Wave) Polly" from Incesticide. Previously only found on the "In Bloom" single, which is something that we as Nirvana completists don't even own.

The Boombox Rehearsals' "Old Age" and "Verse Chorus Verse": Unheard versions of two tracks that weren't unearthed (officially) until the With the Lights Out box set.

The B-Sides' "Aneurysm": Everyone knows "Aneurysm" as the closing track on the hodgepodge Incesticide, but this is different. This "Aneurysm" originally appeared as a B-side on "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and is a looser, rawer take on the more familiar version. It's also featured on the Hormoaning EP and With the Lights Out.

The Devonshire Mixes: The biggest draw. Nevermind is a timeless album, but its sound -- especially its production and mixing -- is heavily rooted in the early '90s. For some, that's a distraction, the lone thing tethering Nevermind to a certain era. Engineer Andy Wallace delivered the final mix of the album, but before that, producer Butch Vig tried his hand at it on the Devonshire Mixes, which have never been released. We'll find out whether Vig's take washes off that early '90s gloss on September 27th.

What's missing? Nevermind's secret track "Endless, Nameless," but we have a feeling that'll pop up unannounced a few minutes after "Something in the Way." Also, Nirvana's amusing cover of Kiss' "Do You Love Me?," which was omitted from With the Lights Out for some unknown reason, could've been included, though it'd sound very out of place. Other than that, the reissue does an incredible job of assembling all the B-sides, demos, and studio sessions from the era.

Check out the complete track list over at NME. By the way, the Super Deluxe Edition of Nevermind will only get a limited run of 10,000 copies in the U.S., so prepare to fight us for a copy.

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