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OutKast Update: Andre 3000 on Drake’s ‘Take Care,’ Big Boi Agrees to Plea Deal


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Anytime Andre 3000 and Big Boi make headlines in the same day, it's okay to automatically assume it has something to do with OutKast's impending reunion. After all, the duo did just jump labels to Sony Epic. However, both rappers are in the news today, but for very different non-OutKast reasons. The good news first: Andre 3000, who ended his rap hiatus this year with a handful of features that showed no rust, will appear on Drake's next album Take Care. Producer Noah "40" Shebib tells Fader that 3K approached Drizzy about a guest spot on a track called "Good Enough for the Both of Us" (the title has since changed).

This past weekend, Drake announced that he's postponing Take Care until November 15th because of sample clearance problems, but in reality, he might have Andre 3000 clearance problems. Since Andre has been reticent about recording with OutKast since 2006's Idlewild, his label has been equally reluctant about letting the rapper feature on other artists' albums. That's why 3000's spots on Big Boi's Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty were deleted from that LP, and it's probably why Andre's awesome verse on Tha Carter IV's "Interlude" was left uncredited. 3 Stacks did get his name on Beyonce's "Party" and Lloyd's "Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)," one of The Amp's favorite summer songs, so maybe his label has thawed a bit on their no-3000 stance.

Meanwhile, the other half of OutKast is breathing slightly easier today. In August, Big Boi tried to exit a cruise ship with luggage full of Ecstasy and Viagra. The rapper was hit with two felony drug charges, but thankfully Big Boi struck a plea deal today to avoid any jail time, the AP reports. As part of the agreement, Daddy Fat Sax must take part in community service, pay $2,000 to charity and, here's the tough part, remain drug-free for the next three months. He's going to be drug tested and everything.

If Big Boi can stay clean for 90 days -- and that's a big if -- the case will be entirely dismissed and the rapper won't be joining Gucci Mane in custody -- although they'd be like a "Shine Blockas" reunion. Without any 'dro in the wind, count on the production line at Big Boi's Purple Ribbon record label screeching to a halt right now: No working on the Sir Lucious follow-up, no tinkering with the Modest Mouse tracks, and probably no OutKast reunion until 2012.

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