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Ozzy Osbourne Thinks Lady Gaga Could Take a Breather


This week, Lady Gaga has gotten stuck in a snowstorm, tossed her fancy Armani shoes into a crowd, hit the streets of Paris without pants, and eaten snails. Got Gaga overload? So does Ozzy Osbourne!

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"I do think Lady Gaga should take a break for a little while," the Prince of Darkness tells Us Weekly. "She could be the next Madonna if she played her cards right. I like her, but I'm getting a bit sick of her. When I turn on the TV, I see her wearing another lamp shade or whatever. She needs to take a break, I think, for an hour or so. I love her, I think she's really, really entertaining, but she's doing a bit too much. The specialness of her is gonna get killed if she doesn't calm it down. Who manages her? Someone should whisper in her ear and say back off for a couple of months -- let people gain interest back. Let people want you, you know?"

Ozzy does know a thing or two about overexposure. When "The Osbournes" was at its peak, you couldn't throw a crucifix without hitting a story about Sharon's dogs or Kelly's clubbing. (Proof we had a bit too much Osbourne in 2003: The show inspired an X-rated parody called "The Osporns.") Besides, haven't we learned anything from "The Simpsons"?

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