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Paramore ‘React’ to Ex-Members’ Rant By Not Reacting


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It's possible that when MTV airs their special report Friday afternoon on the state of splintered Tennessee pop-punk band Paramore, titled "Paramore: The Last Word" (frankly, we were expecting "Paramore: Oh My God, Guys, What Are We Going to Do Since There Are So Few Rock Bands Left for Us to Cover!?"), the group's remaining members -- Hayley Williams, Taylor York, and Jeremy Davis -- will be candid, but based on the exclusive comments they've given the network so far, they're pretty married to a "nothing to see here, folks!" strategy. You can practically feel their lawyers' breath on their new quotes:

About that scathing statement Josh and Zac Farro posted online, claiming Williams stole their band, manipulated them, and forced them to betray their Christian values -- Williams was simply "not happy." York thinks it was "a drag."

York is actually surprised the Farros decided to air all this dirty laundry, because, "It seemed like a lot of the stuff was pretty irrelevant to what happened."

If the Farros are lying or exaggerating their version of events, the rest of Paramore could sue them for libel, "a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression." If they're telling the truth, then maybe it wasn't all that irrelevant after all. MTV says they'll publish Paramore's responses to each accusation tomorrow, so Hot Topic only has one day to silkscreen Team Hayley and Team Farro shirts!

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