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Patriotic Phish Lure Unwashed Masses to July 4th Super Ball Fest


In 1996, Phish scheduled their first ever music festival, the Clifford Ball, at an old Air Force base outside Plattsburgh, New York. Fifteen years later, the Vermont jam band will return to upstate New York -- this time in Watkins Glen, six hours southwest of Plattsburgh -- for their ninth weekend-long fest, dubbed the Super Ball IX. And because nothing says "patriotism," "freedom," and "America" like long-haired, barefooted masses and a 20-minute jam at the end of "Tweezer," Super Ball IX will take place July 4th weekend, July 1st-3rd.

All you need to know about the Super Ball IX is mapped out hilariously in Phish's faux movie trailer for the festival above. Super Ball IX marks Phish's first-ever July 4th music festival and the first fest in Watkins Glen since 1973's Summer Jam. The festival also comes two weeks after Phish's previously announced summer tour concludes on June 19th. As an added bonus, if you purchase your Super Ball IX tickets through the Phish site starting next Monday, April 4th, you'll receive a free MP3 download of all of the band's sets from the festival. Plus, since this is July 4th weekend, there might be fireworks -- fireworks everyone can see, not just the 45 percent of the crowd that's on mushrooms.

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