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Phil Spector Wants Another Murder Trial Because the Last One Had ‘Errors’


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Just what the near-bankrupt State of California needed, another tax-dollar-guzzling Phil Spector trial! It took two lengthy murder trials totaling roughly 13 months in court to find the famed music producer guilty in the 2003 death of actress Lana Clarkson. The second trial concluded in May 2009 with Spector's second-degree murder conviction and a sentence of 19 years to life in prison. Now almost two years later, Spector's defense team believes they've discovered enough prosecutor and judge "errors" during the second trial to force a third.

A panel of three judges will hear the Spector team's appeal for a new trial today. The crux of Spector's appeal centers on five of the prosecution's witnesses, all women who testified that Spector had previously threatened them with a gun, NPR reports. Spector's lawyers claimed that the judge should have disallowed those witnesses from taking the stand, but prosecutors argued that the women's testimony was "highly relevant."

If this seems like a last gasp effort of an incredibly wealthy -- and to Spector's credit, one of the greatest -- music producer who faces spending the rest of his life behind bars, it probably is. The fact that it took two years to scrounge up enough "errors" to call for a retrial is telling; if it was that apparent, Spector wouldn't be getting his ass kicked by fellow inmates or avoiding the friendly advances of Charles Manson in prison this whole time.

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