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Plans for Amy Winehouse’s Posthumous Album Are Already Underway


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Amy Winehouse's last album Back to Black came out in 2006, but the singer had been writing and recording off and on for the past two to three years and the results of those sessions -- up to 12 tracks -- could be released. The Guardian quotes a source close to Winehouse's label, Universal Records, who says Winehouse had returned to work as a sort of therapy to help deal with her troubles ("Everyone thought that would be a positive thing and a distraction from the other things she was dealing with").

"People were getting very excited, quite frankly they were really good," the source said, explaining Winehouse would occasionally play for her label bosses. "We heard rough cuts and they sounded like vintage Amy."

While the Guardian reports that Winehouse was penning a lot of music on her own ("Amy was a writer, she was always writing songs. She had studios at home and would create demos"), in a new cover story Vibe magazine crashed in the days after Amy's death, Salaam Remi -- the producer who helped assemble both debut Frank and Back to Black with Mark Ronson -- confirmed he was actively working with the singer on new music. "We were in the middle of working on the album," Remi said. "She finished writing the record. We just hadn't recorded."

Though Winehouse's rep Chris Goodman told the AP Winehouse left behind "plenty" of material, fans shouldn't expect an album anytime soon -- getting any new Winehouse tunes released will involve some complex legal wrangling with her parents, management, and label, and based on what we know about the disputes over the Michael Jackson estate, this process could be painful and lengthy.

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