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Prepare Yourself for the Michael Jackson Biopic


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File this under "Too soon?": The executors of the Michael Jackson estate have reportedly approached Montecito Picture Company about a biopic about the King of Pop. That's right, the studio that gave us 'Road Trip,' 'Euro Trip,' and 'I Love You, Man' is the frontrunner to bring Jackson's life story to the silver screen. According to Variety, the film will only focus on "certain periods" of Jackson's life. Since the biopic is the Jackson estate's idea, it will likely deify the late singer, which means nothing too terrible from his terrible childhood, no molestation trial, no Dr. Conrad Murray and the prescription drug addiction, no Debbie Rowe and Lisa Marie Presley, no hair-on-fire, etc. Just the positive stuff, like "Beat It," Bubbles, and "Heal the World."

There are many roadblocks in undertaking a project this huge, but the biggest problem with making a Michael Jackson biopic, other than winning the support of the fans, is casting the main role. It's not like Kings of Pop grow on trees, and no one in the current Hollywood landscape stands out as being born to play the role. Plus, Jackson's ever-changing-but-definitely-not-surgically-altered appearance makes it difficult for one actor to play the role. Each era of Michael, from Jackson 5 to 'Thriller' to 'Bad' to 'Dangerous,' would require a different actor, like that Bob Dylan movie that we still can't wrap our head around. If somewhere there exists one actor who can bridge all the Jackson roles, pencil him in for an Oscar immediately.

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