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Pretend You Went to Summer Jam and The Roots Picnic!


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New York radio station Hot 97 held its annual Summer Jam in Jersey this weekend, while one state over Jimmy Fallon's house band hosted their Roots Picnic in Philly. What did they have in common? Hip-hop in general, Wiz Khalifa in particular. But while Summer Jam is a place for rap to dig in its heels, the Picnic is a safe space for MCs to mingle with indie rock weirdos. There's no question which fest was more bizarre -- the Roots' lineup even featured reunited DC band the Dismemberment Plan -- but both events had a handful of moments worth remembering:

Summer Jam:

Biggest Firepower: Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, and DJ Khaled combine superforces for "I'm on One."

Biggest Comeback: Lloyd Banks brought out Mobb Deep featuring Prodigy who A) Got famously dissed hard by Jay-Z at Summer Jam '01 and B) Recently got out of jail after serving three and a half years on gun charges.

Biggest Shocker: Chris Brown and motormouth Busta Rhymes walked off with one of the most-talked-about moments, "Look at Me Now."

Roots Picnic:

Biggest Collaboration: Nas backed by the Roots on many awesome tracks, including "If I Ruled the World."

Biggest Hippie Hoe-Down: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' "Home."

Biggest Beloved Indie Jam: The Dismemberment Plan's fantastic "What Do You Want Me to Say?"

[Photo: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]

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