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Prison Has Provided T.I. With ‘Inferno of Inspiration’


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It's been about seven months since we last heard from T.I., probably because he's been in prison for violating his parole since November. (He did make news in January for getting too conjugal with his wife during a visit, however.) With roughly four months left in his sentence, T.I. updated fans from behind bars -- à la Lil Wayne's in-prison Weezy Thanx You blog -- to talk about the progress he's making during his second major prison stay in three years. "The separation from my art has definitely sparked an inferno of inspiration that will soon be felt by all," T.I. promises (via MTV). "Not being able to do what I love especially. It's like a whole other sentence within itself."

The inferno of inspiration will begin "in the near future (couple of weeks tops)" as T.I.'s team on the outside will release "a record" to hold fans over until the rapper is released. It's unclear whether the record is a track or an album. After his previous jail stint, T.I. claimed that his album No Mercy would be the biggest post-prison album since Tupac's All Eyez on Me, and it failed to reach those lofty expectations. Even Lil Wayne has also, in our opinion, struggled since his stay at Rikers Island ended in November 2010. Maybe second time's a charm?

The contents of T.I.'s letter is similar to the reflective, promise-to-do-good stuff he said after he was released from prison after serving 12 months on federal gun charges, so this is a case where actions would actually speak louder than words. T.I. signs off by saying, "Stronger, smarter, bigger and better than ever. For those that doubt that... See me when they free me." It rhymes! "Free Tip, Part II" is out September 29th, 2011, barring any more bad behavior.

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