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Radiohead Fans Trying to Sell Soul, First-Born Child for Concert Ticket


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Fans are getting desperate in the final hours before Radiohead play the first of two relatively intimate shows at New York's Roseland Ballroom, and as per tradition, hitting up Craigslist in a last-ditch effort to score a ticket. Local blog Gothamist has been tracking the best listings, and while many are NSFW (you Radiohead fans are pretty hardcore!), a handful stick out as particularly fascinating -- like the individual in Brooklyn whose posting is titled, "Will sell soul for Radiohead tickets - $150 (Carroll Gardens)." The full description reads, "My soul, a priceless thing, for one or two Radiohead tickets for either day at the Roseland ballroom. Money can be involved too (150 per ticket), however I want to impress upon you that this is a rare offer. It is not often that you get the chance to own the soul of another. I can give you my best description of my soul if you want more details."

Some guy wrote, "WANTED: 1 Radiohead Ticket for Weds or Thurs - $9999999 (Midtown)," but admits he's only willing to shell out $300 in the full post (he includes a nice photo of Thom Yorke, though). The priciest ticket we've spied is going for $1,000. The most logical trade is suggested by the person willing to give up two Jeff Mangum tix for a single RH ticket. A skilled fan would love to give you $200 and build you a website for entry. The best trade offer comes via the folks hawking "a very delicious hot sandwich" and a bear hug. But beware of the girl who's willing to donate her first-born child for the cause.

[Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images]

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