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Radiohead Recorded ‘The King of Limbs’ at Drew Barrymore’s House


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Radiohead recorded much of In Rainbows in a condemned mansion called Tottenham Court House and a portion of OK Computer at a haunted manor named St Catherine's Court. Compared to where they recorded their latest LP, The King of Limbs, those prior locations seem exceedingly normal: The just-leaked credits of the physical version of TKOL -- out next week after the album's digital release last month -- confirms the year-old rumor that Radiohead recorded their latest album at the Los Angeles home of actress Drew Barrymore. "A big thank you very much indeed to Drew Barrymore," Radiohead wrote in the credit section without explanation (via At Ease, where you can check out the latest of Radiohead's always-awesome album art).

Barrymore was photographed at Radiohead's Haiti benefit concert in Los Angeles in February 2010, around the time rumors arose that Radiohead were laying down tracks at her Laurel Canyon home. Oddly, this isn't the first time Radiohead have recorded at an actress' home: The aforementioned St. Catherine's Court in Bath, England, which Yorke claimed was haunted by "a very claustrophobic ghost," is the property of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman herself, Jane Seymour.

The King of Limbs' credits also lend some credence to our assessment that the album is Radiohead's version of a late-era Talk Talk record by employing violinist Levine Andrade, who played on Talk Talk's Laughing Stock, to orchestrate the strings on the sweeping "Codex." Finally, for those still expecting The King of Limbs to yield more new music, the physical release confirms that the eight songs on TKOL are all you're going to get this time around (until "The Newspaper Album" version, perhaps).

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