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Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ Gets Easter ‘Sunday’ Remix, Plus Our Favorite ‘Friday’ Parodies


Just when you thought you'd seen every possible parody of Rebecca Black's overnight hit "Friday," another noteworthy rendition arrives just in time for Easter. This time, it's Sadie B's pious "Sunday," a version that takes Black's TGIF-loving mantra of "partying, partying, yeah!" and turns it into "worshipping, worshipping, yeah!"

Sadie B and the "Noah Music Factory" (a play on "Friday" writers Ark Music Factory) do a pretty fantastic job of making a shot-for-shot remake of Black's original "Friday" video, but instead of heading off to the party and waving her arms in the air, Sadie B goes to church where she's kickin' in the front pew, hoping that the service doesn't end. This version even has the right dose of Auto-Tune, and the rap verse on "Sunday" is somehow zanier than the one on "Friday."

Don't expect Sadie B's "Sunday" to have the same success of Rebecca Black's "Friday," however: The video has a 5:1 dislike-to-like ratio on YouTube, and viewers were so harsh against "Sunday" that the commenting feature was disabled on the video (Black wishes she'd thought to do that). Also, "Sunday," with about 200,000 views, trails "Friday" by about 89 million clicks. Whether you like Sadie's religious message or not, there's no denying that this is one of the better-produced "Friday" parodies so far.

Check out some more of The Amp's favorite "Fridays":

On the complete opposite spectrum of "Sunday," here's the death metal version of "Friday" (Warning: Lower the volume on your speakers!)

Conan O'Brien's "original" version of "Friday," called "Thursday." Black totally ripped this off.

Stephen Colbert and the Roots performed the track on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on April Fool's Day. It was no joke.
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Rebecca Black takes the place of Natasha Bedingfield in this reedited clip of Easy A that perfectly expresses the "Friday" phenomenon

And of course, because it is Friday, the original.

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