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Rick Ross Needs to Get More Sleep


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After Rick Ross suffered a pair of seizures last month, doctors tested the rapper for a variety of diseases like HIV, cancer, and diabetes. The results all showed that Ross was "perfectly healthy," but he was suffering from an ailment where the only medicine is a comfy pillow. Rozay told BET's 160 & Park last night that his seizures were the result of his perpetual insomnia. "It was a case of me not getting enough rest, enough sleep," Ross said. "Being the fastest growing label in the game, wanting to be the number one label in the game, it comes with a lot of sacrifices and in my case it was sleep. I would get two hours of sleep and keep moving. Me being a hustler."

The rapper added that he hasn't slept the recommended eight hours in a night for over five years. (Umm, neither has The Amp. We thought six hours a night was the norm!) Ross tried to soldier on following his first seizure, but that turned out to be a terrible idea as he quickly suffered a second one. "I felt a little wore out [after the first seizure] but I felt like I could keep going," Ross said. "And I boarded a jet and I had another seizure and when I snapped out of that one, I woke up in front of doctor." Still, Ross managed to make it to the opening of a Memphis chicken wing restaurant that night, but he had to cancel his concerts in the area.

So has Ross been catching on his REM cycles? Not really, because he's been too busy working with Jay-Z on "the biggest collaboration that we've ever done together, for my album" God Forgives, I Don't. These two worked together on Kanye's "Monster," so if this song ends up trumping West's track, it probably was worth losing sleep over. God Forgives is due out December 13th, but if Ross is still working on the disc, it's unlikely he's going to grab any naptime until it's finished.

Seizures are a side effect of sleeplessness, so the rapper's story checks out. Obesity, high blood pressure, and risk of heart failure and diabetes are some of the more popular complications that affect chronic insomniacs, and if you take one look at the hulking Ross, it seems like he's a candidate for those problems as well. Sleep up, Rozay.

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