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Rihanna Is Over the Chris Brown Thing, So Why Aren’t You?


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The pop cultural world decided that the statute of limitations on hating Chris Brown is up, and Rihanna -- the victim of the assault that nearly grounded his career -- seems to agree. Having completed his mandatory year of domestic violence classes, Brown has asked a Los Angeles judge to reduce his "stay away" from Rihanna order to a "do not annoy," and Rihanna supports his request.

According to E!, under the revised level one order the two performers could have contact "as long as Brown doesn't annoy, molest, or harass her." Brown's attorney Mark Geragos had told the judge the order poses a "problem with award shows" at a late January hearing; Brown is nominated for three Grammys, but won't be attending this Sunday's ceremony, where Rihanna is scheduled to perform with Drake. The day before the Grammys, Brown will be the musical guest on "Saturday Night Live," where he risks being skewered by host Russell Brand -- the husband of Rihanna's close friend Katy Perry. Perhaps Rihanna agreed to release news about the retraining order now to soften whatever potential blows await her ex-boyfriend on live TV this weekend.

Rihanna, whose relationship with violence is quite complex -- she has tattoos of guns, sings on Eminem's domestic-violence song "Love the Way You Lie," and just released a song proclaiming her appreciation for "S&M" -- is serious about putting the Brown incident behind her, and clearly wants the media and her fans to do the same. After a blogger tweeted that she'd unfollowed Rihanna after learning of the latest legal news, the singer quickly shot back, "I would've sworn he beat YOUR ass, just by how upset u are! My fans don't care abt a restraining order and neither do I! My bad!"

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