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Rolling Stones Reissuing Filthiest Album (Seriously, Listen to ‘Some Girls’ Again)


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Just the other day, The Amp wondered whether the Rolling Stones had a 40th anniversary edition of Sticky Fingers on the way. Well, the band is reissuing one of their classic albums on November 21st, but it's not Sticky Fingers. Instead, their 1978 LP Some Girls, their most explicit album thanks to hits like "Miss You" and "Beast of Burden," is next up in the Stones' vault cleaning. Last year, the Stones reissued Exile on Main St. for no apparent reason other than it was the album's 38th birthday, so anniversaries divisible by five don't mean much to Mick Jagger.

Full details about the Some Girls reissue haven't been revealed, but the album itself is remastered and mastered. The Exile set boasted a bonus disc of 11 unreleased songs, and while it's unclear whether the revisited Some Girls sessions will yield the same bounty, the "Super Deluxe" edition does include unseen pictures from the group's 1978 session with photographer Helmut Newton and a 7" single of "Beast of Burden" in its original banned sleeve.

Other than that, details are scarce, but here's hoping the "Shattered" B-side "Everything Is Turning to Gold" sneaks on the reissue. Some Girls will be available in Super-Deluxe, Deluxe, and Digital versions, but everyone knows they should just call this reissue (and the Pink Floyd reissues, and the SMiLE release, and...) the "Merry Christmas, Dad" edition.

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