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Sasha Meh? Beyonce Debuts Dull Ballad ‘Best Thing I Never Had’


Just a week after Bon Iver tried to start a Bruce Hornsby revival Beyoncé has answered the call with her new single "Best Thing I Never Had." Just listen to that piano line!

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Is it mean to say this sounds like Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" paired with Ryan Tedder's signature thump beat and some finger-wagging "Irreplaceable"-style girl power? Because that's how this aggressively un-edgy single sounds. "Sucks to be you right now," B sings (flawlessly, of course) on the Babyface-written slo-jam. We do not want to hear Beyoncé singing "Sucks to be you right now." Some folks thought "Run the World (Girls)" was a little too out there, but Beyoncé already countered with sexed-up ballad "1 + 1" and this is way too generic a sound for a star as unique as Sasha Fierce. Plus, it does not easily lend itself to incredible feats of multimedia awesomeness. Hey also, has Beyoncé mentioned she's really into girl power?

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