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Scott Weiland Evidently Likes the Lemonheads


What's up with artists of the '90s covering artists of the '90s lately? Weezer performed "Paranoid Android" and Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland dropped by The Tonight Show to cover the Lemonheads' "Into Your Arms." The performance comes from the May 26th episode of Leno, but everyone had pre-Memorial Day weekend senioritis so it went virtually ignored until now. Weiland does a pretty good job with the one Lemonheads track that was arguably more popular than their Simon & Garfunkel cover, though Scott does get a little lounge act on the vocals.

Given Weiland's past struggles with narcotics, it's probably wise that he didn't perform a song off the Lemonheads' junkie epic It's a Shame About Ray. Still, we've always assumed that "Into Your Arms" was a drug ode in disguise, where Evan Dando didn't fall into the arms of a lover but whatever illegal substance he was dabbling in at the time. "I know a place where I can go when I'm alone" and "I know a place that's safe and warm from the crowd" insinuate drug use as safe harbor and comfort, at least when Dando (and Weiland) sing them. The song was written by Robyn St. Clare of the Australian rock band the Hummingbirds, so maybe that's not how it was envisioned.

The fact that this pretty cool cover escaped notice for nearly a week just demonstrates how few music bloggers actually watch the deplorable Leno. Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. could actually be alive and well and performing on the Tonight Show this evening, and no one would find out about it until August.

Here's the Lemonheads performing the track on Leno back in 1993. Compare and contrast:

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