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See the Only Bearable Eight Minutes of MTV’s Movie Awards


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It seems pretty clear that nobody wanted to attend MTV's Movie Awards last night -- not host Jason Sudeikis, who made lazy jokes about Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Justin Bieber, who didn't even bother walking the red carpet and came out to accept a trophy as a "surprise," or the cast of Twilight, who as predicted, did about everything they could to let us all know they are really, really tired of being in these big blockbusters that launched their careers. Have you ever seen a room full of actors who look like they're being held at knife point by the the studios releasing their big summer movies? It's not a pretty sight. There were accidental F-bombs, intentional F-bombs, stars over 35 trying to look like stars under 18, legendary directors trying to look cool in leather jackets -- this was an all-out calamity.

But the rock stars really showed the movie stars how it's done. The Foo Fighters and Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz took their parts of the show very seriously and put on two killer performances. Dave Grohl nearly popped a neck vein on "Walk," and Lupe and Trey performed both "Out of My Head" and the Modest Mouse-sampling "The Show Goes On." If you only watch eight minutes from last night's horror, these are them (they're not ready for our list of the best-ever Movie Awards musical moments, but they're close). And if Sudeikis said one funny thing, this was it: "Who knew Dave Grohl could play percussion? Guy can do everything."

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