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Sly Stone Somehow Kept a Drug Bust Secret for Two Months


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A weird, wacky day in the weird, wacky life of Sly Stone: The funk legend was supposed to head to a Los Angeles courtroom today to face charges for cocaine possession. However, Sly was serendipitously afflicted by "heart issues" this morning, so instead of going to court, he went to the hospital. The judge overseeing the case scheduled Stone's hearing for next Wednesday instead, TMZ reports.

But the real issue here is that nobody knew Sly Stone was on the hook for a possession bust in the first place! He was arrested on April 1st after the LAPD found freebase cocaine during a search of his car, but the crime went unreported until today's postponed court date.

The majority of Stone's Rock Hall-worthy career has been plagued by drug problems that forced him into near-seclusion for almost 15 years, until 2007. In 2009, Stone began performing again semi-regularly, even performing at last year's Coachella festival. After this latest legal snafu is behind him, Stone may want to give lessons to everyone else in the music biz about how to keep unpleasant arrests quiet.

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