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SNL GPA: Chris Martin’s Folk Side Project Outshines Coldplay


This weekend's Emma Stone-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live featured musical guest Garth, Kat, and Jan Pockabook, a folk trio who shared a handful of made-up Thanksgiving songs during the Weekend Update. Also, Coldplay were there to perform a pair of tracks from their new album Mylo Xyloto. Even though it wasn't the strongest episode of the season, Stone has been receiving rave reviews for her hosting job, but how did Coldplay fare?

Song 1: "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall"
+4 because Coldplay somehow defeated 30 Rock's notorious acoustic problems for a performance that actually sounded good, although that dominant "I Go to Rio" sample on "Waterfall" had much to do with that.
-2 for the ill-fitting hot pink shirt.
+6 for the excellent neon graffiti motif that Coldplay have employed throughout their Xyloto promotional tour. They did a great job of turning the SNL stage into a 1980s subway car bound for the Bronx or a set from The Warriors.
-3 because Chris Martin doesn't dance as well as Thom Yorke.

Song 2: "Paradise"
- 7 for unavailability. Because of assorted right issues, Coldplay's performances aren't posted on the Saturday Night Live site (this happens from time to time with the EMI artists.) Instead, enjoy this recording of "Paradise," which some guy filmed off his television using an iPhone and then posted onto YouTube. The guy who taped this even sings along for two syllables. The best part, however, is when the dude films "Paradise" through his beer glass.

Bonus Points
+5 goes to Chris Martin in that "Garth and Kat" skit for donning that ridiculous wig, memorizing all those absurd lyrics, and being genuinely funny.
-1 because no SNL skit should feature the name "Garth" unless Dana Carvey is involved.
+5 also goes this episode for featuring this music video-inspired Digital Short:

Final GPA: Incomplete, but if NBC works out the clearance issues and get Coldplay's performance online, B-.

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