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SNL GPA: Foo Fighters Save the Queen


Given Dave Grohl's penchant for dressing up in women's clothes and willingness to be publicly humiliated, the Foo Fighters are practically the ideal Saturday Night Live musical guest. Should you need convincing, watch his amazingly understated cameo in one of our all-time favorite digital shorts from a few years ago: People Getting Punched in the Face Right Before Eating. But other than a cameo in host Helen Mirren's cleavage and a gum-snapping two-second turn as the new MC at sad strip joint Bongo's Clown Room, Grohl stuck to rocking on SNL this past weekend, which is sort of the Foo Fighters' modus operandi on their new album, Wasting Light. Fortunately, he's damn good at that, too.

Song One: "Rope"
+3 for the band's (renewed) three-guitar attack (good to see you, Pat Smear).
+1 for Grohl's glorious hair-tossing, especially pronounced at 1:48 mark -- SNL hasn't seen such lovely locks since Justin Bieber's episode.
+2 for the interrogation lights wildly swinging over the band's heads.
-2 for the fact that Grohl performed the whole song while chewing gum. Dude, ew.

Song Two: "Walk"
-2 for Grohl's continued inability to sing with his eyes open. They'd eviscerate you on Idol, friend.
+1 for picking Wasting Light's cathartic, throat-shredding closer: "Can't you see I've waited long enough/Where do I begin?"
+3 for Grohl's wide-legged strumming stance -- SNL hasn't had to brace itself for a real rock & roll assault like this in way too long.

+5 for treating their sixth trip to SNL like it was their first. Did you happen to catch this, Julian?

Final Grade: A

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