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Snoop Dogg’s Charlie Sheen Song Arrives, Nobody Is Actually ‘Winning’


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In about five minutes we're going to call in the musical detectives who tracked down Jake Gyllenhaal's folk-singing cousin to search for evidence Charlie Sheen contributed anything to "Winning!," his collaboration with Snoop Dogg that we prayed wasn't real. The Cali rapper -- likely the only man who can say he's worked with the royal family and a royal douchebag in the past three months -- drops rhymes blending cliché Sheenisms like tiger blood and warlocks with raps about smoking up (it should go without saying, but this track is NSFW).

Seriously, though, what did Sheen do here? Nod his head to each "Winning"? Make those puffing noises at the top of the track? Is it possible Snoop is giving Sheen a songwriting credit for those lame catchphrases? Because we can't answer any of those questions, we'll provide you with a needless statistic: Snoop says the word "winning" 39 times.

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