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Snoopy Stars in Greatly Improved ‘Party Rock Anthem’ Video


The Internet is very much like a 1,000 monkeys working at a 1,000 computers -- sometimes it is "the blurst of times" but occasionally we're treated to a brilliant fever dream out of someone's fertile imagination. An intrepid YouTuber created a much improved video to LMFAO's inescapable "Party Rock Anthem" starring (for unknown reasons) Snoopy and his avian pal Woodstock, with the two evergreen cartoon characters doing the patented "Peanuts" dance to the club banger's squealing synths.

Regardless of whether you gladly accepted this song as the summer jam of 2012 or considered shuffling off this mortal coil every time you heard the words "Every day I'm shuffling," there's no arguing that this video far outpaces the professionally produced original. For starters, enormous credit goes to cartoonist Didier Ah-Koon for animating by HAND this entire video (yes, these are rough sketches, but presumably this guy doesn't yet have the scratch to outsource the job like a major studio would). As for his drawing skills, only a true pro can animate a dancing Charlie Brown and keep him from looking like a complete blockhead.

But the most inspired decision has to be the inclusion of a Winnie the Pooh acolyte as the rapper who pops up mid-song to deliver the "Every day I'm shuffling" line. The typically reticent Piglet steps up to the mic to fill in for GoonRock (yes, we had to look that up) while Hello Kitty covers the female singer's part of the tune. As for the skateboarding kid with the poop on his head, who knows what's up with that? Not everything that comes out the monkeys and their typewriters can be comic gold.

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