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Sole Survivor: 15-Year-Old Mick Jagger Shows Off His Shoes on Children’s Show


A round of applause for the Internet! Someone uncovered a clip of a 15-year-old Mick Jagger modeling "a pair of ordinary gym shoes" on a British children's series in 1959. This clip may prove to be the most entertaining 23 seconds of your day.

Referred to as "Michael" (his birth name) and man-handled by the host of a TV show called 'Seeing Sport', Jagger looks incredibly young for 15 but his eyes already burn with that rock n' roll rakishness. With his eyes flicking back and forth between the host and his raised foot, Jagger rather looks like he's merely humoring the chap.

Why shoe-modeling on a children's show, you ask? The host helpfully explains that wearing boots on sandstone will eventually wear away the tender mineral deposit, so kids at play should always wear gym shoes on sandstone instead. So yes, this "save our sedimentary stones" segment indicates this is one of the lamest kids' shows imaginable, which helps explain why fifty years later not one nostalgic baby-boomer has bothered to create a Wikipedia page about 'Seeing Sport', (compare that to the comprehensive survey of 'The Banana Splits Adventure Hour' on wiki).

At the very least, the helpful host expounds upon gym shoes for the uninitiated, saying these are the type of shoes one would wear when "doing gym."

Alert ears will pick up the real nugget at the end. "They're quite satisfactory for climbing," the man says before the clip cuts off. This means we can now watch the moment the word "satisfactory" became emblazoned in the mind of an impressionable young Jagger. Presumably, the clip ends so suddenly because Jagger--having now put the concepts of 'stones' and 'satisfaction' together--bolted off the set and ran home to begin prancing like a rooster.

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