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Stephen Malkmus’ ‘Senator’ Video, Starring Jack Black, Was Worth the Wait


If a band is going to release a music video for a single that was initially unveiled five months ago, it better be a damn good music video. Otherwise, what's the point? Fortunately, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks' vid for "Senator," a song that debuted in early-June, delivers the goods. Here's the pitch: Jack Black, playing the glad-handing titular politician, cattle-prodding his own genitals. Playing off all the sex-related political scandals in recent years, the actor stars as an ultra-conservative candidate by day, coke-snorting pervert by night. It's like a slacker version of The Ides of March, but with the actor who was Lumbergh in Office Space in the Ryan Gosling role. Bonus: Malkmus actually appears in this video, something that was lacking from his other Mirror Traffic clips.

Based on The Projector's review of Black's new film The Big Year, you'd be better off saving your $13 by just watching "Senator" on repeat. Well, "Senator" and Airborne:

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